squeezypeach - dark encounter


squeezypeach - dark encounter
disclaimer: this video is in a vertical format but manyvids does this annoying this with verticle videos where they make it landscape by adding black borders so you can either watch it sorta sideways, rotate it yourself after downloading, or message me for the vertical version which i can send you a dropbox link for. this video is intended to be watched in verticle format so you have a better view of my body and a more realistic POV experience. ----> this is kind of a part 2 to my Dark Water video, similar themes, I'm covered in red dye and more of it is poured on me throughout the video, i'm sitting in a bath of sparkly pink water which reflects the colored lights around me in a very pretty way. all while giving an excellent blowjob with lots of hand job action, deepthroating, drooling, and ball sucking. finished off with a mouthful of cum! if you like my other erotic art content and blowjob videos, this is a great choice for you!

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