PinkCandyEc - Taped to Bench and Face Fucked #3


PinkCandyEc - Taped to Bench and Face Fucked #3
In a cuffed position lying on a bed instead of the floor and wearing the denim miniskirt/shirt and. The guy comes in, lifts my head/neck up and sits down so that my head is right above his dick. He gropes and spanks me a few times while I beg him to let me go. He puts his dick in my mouth. I struggle but the cuffs means I can't resist. Taking long periods where my head is right down on his dick not able to lift off at all and gagging on his cock. He offers me a deal that if I can make him cum in three minutes, he won't tie me to the bench for more throat fucking. I try as hard as I can despite still being cuffed but can't manage it. . Next I am tightly taped back to the bench. Both my head and my neck are taped in place and my wrists are cuffed behind me. Starting with a blindfold on and earphones n so I can't see or hear anything that's going on. My partner push my mouth open, pushes a dildo deep into it, then tapes it into my mouth and leaves me like that for as long as possible while I gag and drool around it. After a couple minutes of that, he takes the dildo out, takes the blindfold and headphones off, and asks if me if I havev learned my lesson. I tell him I have and open my mouth wide for him to fuck. He does for a couple of minutes. Fucks my mouth roughly until he cums. Finally he wipes his dick with a cloth, shoves it in my mouth and tapes over it. He says he'll be back in the morning for more and leaves me to struggle.

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