PinkCandyEc - Sister Is Home - FULL


PinkCandyEc - Sister Is Home - FULL
Your sister is home for a week. You haven't seen her for a few months. She arrived late that night while you were dreamland. The next morning you wake up to find your sister in the kitchen making herself some coffee. You also notice she doesn't wear a bra underneath her pajama's. Before she went to college she showed you her tits now and then when no one was looking. She looks around and give you a sexy smile and start rubbing her nipples so that you can see them standing hard. Every morning or evening she teases you by showing you something. Later on she started to touch you, giving you a very hard erection. You want to take her so bad even though you know it's wrong. One morning while she was in bed you went to lay next to her and start to rub her pussy and then slip your hand in her pants. She is soaking wet and you finger her. Her hand reaches out to your hard cock and jerks you until you cum over her hand. This escalates fast until this one night when she's on the couch watching a movie. She tells you that she wants your cock and she know that you want her pussy too. She pushes you down on the couch and gets ontop of you. You fuck her in various ways until you cum deep inside her. Every action starts in the morning or late at night. You just can't wait until your parents to go to work to see what will happen or until they go to bed to she what your sister have up her sleeves

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