PinkCandyEc - Facefucking and Cum In Eye CLIP 2


PinkCandyEc - Facefucking and Cum In Eye CLIP 2
AT THE END I'm on my knees when he cum in my eyes. Video start with deepthroat / throatfuck and before he's about to cum he jerks-off in one of my eyes. Filling it with the juicy and warm cum. I take his cock and smudge my eyes with it, letting all the cum in my eyes. During the video is some gagging and while he jerks off I tell him dirty things like I'm a slut, I'm a cumslut, a whore who wants cum in her eyes that he has to fill my eyes with cum. While he is jerking off on my eye I make noises of pleasure because I like it and when as soon as my eye got a load of cum in it I'm happy and try to get every drop inside of my eyes. Additional Notes: He grows his dick in my throat several times. He presses with his elbow on my head while I have his cock in my throat while wrapping my hair around his hand. Wile he's pushing his dick in my throat he puts his hand behind your head several times to push his dick a little more in my throat. There are moments when when he pushes his cock in my throat, he pushes it so much that you can hardly see my face and very often while he pushes it he shakes my head from left to right at the same time.

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