PinkCandyEc - Daddy Teaches Daughter a Lesson


PinkCandyEc - Daddy Teaches Daughter a Lesson
Daughter is failing her tests but her father doesn't know about it or at least she didn't think he knows about it. He enters her room while she's "studying" but she's actually working on her phone behind the books. Her father grabs her phone and tell her that he's aware of her failed tests. Daughter apologizes for failing and promise that she will start studying harder. Daddy tells her that he will discuss this with her mother. She begs him not to tell her mother and that she will do anything. She doesn't want her mother to be disappointed in her for failing. Daddy thinks about it and tell her that he has something that she can do to make him not tell her mother and that is that he wants to see what pantie she is wearing and that escalates until he start to demand her to thing he wants to be done. He asks questions like "Show me your tits", "feel my hard cock", "lick my cock", "stroke my cock" and "let me cum on your tits". Daddy cums on her tits and is very relieved. After he's done he tells her to clean herself up. THE END.

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