PinkCandyEc - Bound Gagged Cum In Shoe


PinkCandyEc - Bound Gagged Cum In Shoe
She's a police detective who has been caught by a criminal. Video starts with her tied to a chair. No pants or panties. Panties are stuffed in her mouth and held in place with a ballgag. The criminal comes in. He taunts her. He removes the gag and replaces it with a ring gag. He then fucks her face. Before he cums, he removes one of her flats. He cums in the flat. He then makes her lick the cum out of her own shoe while taunting her. He makes her imitate a pig as she lick the cum from the shoe. He then stuffs her panties back into her mouth. He then takes the shoe that had the cum in it and ties it over her face so that she have to smell it. He tells her that this is punishment for missing a spot. He then leaves her and she moans with the shoe tied to her face and panties in her mouth.

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