PinkCandyEc - Blowing The Pizza Delivery Guy


PinkCandyEc - Blowing The Pizza Delivery Guy
My friend dared me to put up a camera and order a pizza. Then, when the delivery guy shows up I have to offer to give him a blowjob and let him cum on my face. When I opened the door, I paid for the pizza and offered a blowjob as challenged by my friend. The guy is very shocked about this but oh so happy too. While he is sitting I start to suck his cock and he gets a bit carried away when he grabbed the back of my head and start to fuck my face a bit. He later gets up on his feet and I suck his cock until he is ready to cum. I suck on his balls until he unloads all his cum on my face. As soon as he left I went back to the camera and showed my friend my face full of cum. Now it's my turn to give her a challenge. What shall that be?

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