PinkCandyEc - Bitchy SIL Didn't Learn Her Lesson AGAIN


PinkCandyEc - Bitchy SIL Didn't Learn Her Lesson AGAIN
Sister-in-law is busy getting reedy for a date night. All addressed up and wanted to do her hair but she thought it was her brother-in-law that switched all appliances off to spite her. He comes into the bathroom and tells her that it's loadshedding. Again, she starts with her bitchy attitude and being rude. After a while she start to walk out of the bathroom, leaving her the hair straightener, curler and blower. He asks her if she's not going to put all of the stuff away and clean up the mess and she tells him no and that he can do it. The bitching from her side goes on until he have had enough. She then realized that she took it too far once again. He tells her to start and take off her dress, bra and later on her panty. At one point he pegs her nipples with clothing pins which is quite painful for her, but she knows she will have to deal with this or she will get ass fucked. He then plays with the hair tools a bit, putting some up her vagina BUT he also start to spank her with the back of the hair brush making her almost screaming of the burning feeling after each spank. When her ass cheeks are nice shade of red she start to call him sir. Telling him that she will do anything not to get ass fucked. He thinks a bit and sits on the loo, letting her suck his cock but he adds a twist. He knows that she will never lick his asshole and tells her if she doesn't want to get ass fucked, she will have to lick his asshole. She is very very very disguised but seriously doesn't want to get ass fucked as he has no mercy with her asshole. Unwillingly she start to lick his asshole while giving him a handjob. At a stage he is on all fours on the edge of the bathtub with his cock pushed back between his legs and she have to suck his cock in that position. While doing that, her nose is pushing against his asshole. From time to time she licks his ass and switch to blowjob. At the end he is laying on his back, she's between his legs again licking his asshole while giving him a handjob and a bit of cock sucking. All this ended with her making him cum a huge load while having her tongue going up and down and around his asshole. Scene ends with her walking out of the bathroom while he gets in the shower to clean himself. More Sister-In-Law Clips:

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