PinkCandyEc - Alien Impregnation 1


PinkCandyEc - Alien Impregnation 1
CUSTOM SCRIPT: You look at the camera and you say that you willingly take part in an experiment of rapid impregnation with an alien parasite-although you know that it be uncomfortable You are tied/strapped and placed on a bench. The “doctor” is supposedly impregnating you. Use the angles you use especially those showing your face, with you looking at the camera, as the “doctor” is having sex with you. Part 2 (surgery) The doctor will “change” you for rapid impregnation. You are tied like that (only fully naked)on an “operating table”. The setting must be “medical”, so cover the table with a white sheet. You're placed like that: hands pinned on your sides, but your belly exposed for the “operation”. The “doctor” is pretending to be “operating” on your belly. Your abdominal area(bladder, navel area, the area between the ribcage) is covered and splattered with red stuff ( red sauce/ ketchup, what you have) and a big amount of boiled spaghettis, noodles, etc, which are supposed to the exposed internal area as the “surgery” is on. The doctor is using tools there(pliers, scissors, fake rod-likethings teasing your navel,pincers, whatever you have available)making obvious and rough “cutting”and“surgical” motions on your“mangled” abdomen(all these are clearly shown). Make sure that his moves are very "hard" like he is"butchering" your belly. You're fully awake during this, and it's supposed to be extremely painful, so you're screaming, reventilating, shaking and crying. During this, you are shown from both from the doctor's eyes, POV (the view is wide enough so that your face and belly are shown at the same time, with the “surgery "on your belly and you reacting to it) and both "third person": At some points, the camera changes so that the doctor is shown too, while he is "operating" and touching your belly with his tools. This is also nice, only she should be fully naked, with hands pinned on sides, her face shown too and with pasta/spaghetti/ketchup in the area where the "surgeon” is working In the end, you supposedly "faint” Part 3 (extraction) -rest of the vid You're on your back on the table, like in the surgery, restrained always, hands pinned on sides. You're pushing out your belly (all cleaned up now, no sauces etc.) as far as you can, and then back again, like it's pulsating with the hatched alien embryo inside it trying to get out. You're reventilating and pretending to be in labor, while pushing your belly out as much as you can and pulling it back again as fast and rapidly as you can(when extending it, keep it bit there for a while sometimes). Give some closeups of your belly expanding, but generally speaking, you are to be shown from multiple angles during the "labor”-like. You say things like "I can feel it inside me! Oh my god, I can feel it moving. It hurts so much, it will burst out! etc. You show great pain, and as you're reaching the maximum expansion, you panic, screaming. You exten...

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