Ondrea Lee - Your Wifes Revenge


Ondrea Lee - Your Wifes Revenge
Your wife calls me out and sits me down and tells me she knows that we have been screwing around behind her back and shes not happy about it, she uses me like the slut I am and if your going to enjoy me then why cant she? But in her own wicked way. She strips me down and has her way with me. Smoothering me with her ass and grinding on me humping my face and dominates me with her ass and feet, strips me naked and makes me cum while sitting on my face laughing and acts like a bitch. She laughs and is cruel. She bullies me and has her way with me, she is not happy. (girl/girl,ass domination, Hitachi, home wrecker, cat fight,impish behavior, femdom, lezdom, lesbian domination, wife, pig tails, maid, tattoos, face sitting, eating pussy, feet domination, mistress, whore, other woman, big tits, small tits, big booty, asian and white, interracial)

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