Ondrea Lee - Uncircumcised SPH Date


Ondrea Lee - Uncircumcised SPH Date
You come over and I tell you how excited I am to meet you, I really want to have some fun and have been craving a big cock all day! I go on about how excited I am to see yours and how I cant wait to feel your rigid cock head inside me. I ask if I can see yours as I take off my clothes too, I then get very grossed out and disappointed seeing that you are uncircumcised and so small! It looks so strange to me, I tell you how much I love nice clean helmets and no bunched up skin that gets in the way. I feel bad for you so I let you jerk off in front of me but I tell you that I was going to fuck you and suck your dick so good but not now! There is no way I'm putting my mouth on that. I was going to suck it so good but the thought just grosses me out now, I let you finish jerking off but complain the entire time of the smell and how it looks when you jerk it.

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