Ondrea Lee - POV Brian Struggle Fuck


Ondrea Lee - POV Brian Struggle Fuck
Intruder Brian comes into my room while I'm reading there is a big struggle at first we wrestle and I try very hard to fight him off and he ultimately wins he ch*okes me, he has his hands around my neck and the harder he squeezes the more I struggle, Brian unzips his slacks and pounds me in doggy position while I face the camera and has his hands around my neck and also pulling my hair. My clothes get yanked to the side to expose my body. He gropes my chest and neck over and over, After fucking me in doggy Brian flips me on my back and continues to grab my neck and squeeze as I gasp and struggle he slides his cock deep into me and pounds the cums out of me, my body gets jarred around as I tense up when he ch*okes me but goes limp when he releases pressure off my neck.I cum and I gasp for air trying to talk and say his name. I complain about things, "its to big, i cant breathe" He cums all over my face and dumps a big load directly on me without any warning. (Cnc, role play, agony, doggy style, missionary, face focused, role play, asian, interracial, kink, facial, cum shot, limp fetish,wrestle, pov through the eyes of brian once in missionary, doggy style facing the camera face outside perspective view)

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