Ondrea Lee - Maid Fucks Master


Ondrea Lee - Maid Fucks Master
I'm the maid of the house, I'm dusting the lady of the house's bedroom when I come across a pair of thigh high leather boots. I think to myself how lucky she is to own such a thing I could never afford. I try them on! While I'm posing in my boots and strutting in them fantasizing what it would be like to own a pair of my very own I get caught by the Master of the house and he says I can keep the boots but it will come at a cost. If i let him fuck me I can keep the boots. I fuck the lady of the houses husband right on their bed, her husband unzips his pants and fucks my face and then has me sit on his face in my maid outfit till he strips it off, I stroke his cock and he fucks me doggy facing the camera and other various positions, he uses me for pleasure and I will earn the boots, he shoots his cums all over me and tells me to clean up the mess and then I am able to keep the boots and walks away.

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