Ondrea Lee - Hairy Older Sister Seduces Brother


Ondrea Lee - Hairy Older Sister Seduces Brother
POV I'm your sister and I ask you to come in my room, I want to show you my arm pits, the stubble has been growing and I know you have been starring at them and you like them. "Stare at my dark arm pits Brother" I confess to you my crush on you as I show you my armpits, I tell you "Its ok its not forbidden" I'm your Older Sister and I tell you that we come from the same pussy, "Mom fucked Dad so good and we were the cum that went into mommys birth hole and came out of the same pussy" "that means we are meant to be together" I tell you to leave your wife and to be with me. I will leave my husband and be with you. I show you my arm pits while cumming for you, my hairy ass and hairy pussy, I have a full grown bush and I ask you to "please smell my hairy pussy brother" "please smell my hairy arm pits" I get my arm pits wet and rub them, I ask if you like my chubby belly. I reveal a secret to you a surprise...Oh Brother I love you!

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