Ondrea Lee - Eating Puppys Butt


Ondrea Lee - Eating Puppys Butt
Daddy got me a new puppy and she is scooting all over the house on her butt, scooty butt and barking like crazy! I inspect puppys butt and oh i see the problem, I clean puppys butt with my mouth puppy just needs a little bath hehe eating my puppys butthole is so yummy and fun. She has a leash and chain and wiggles her cute butt on my face, I insert my tongue inside my puppys butt. My puppy likes it she wiggles and barks so much. In part 1 you can see when Daddy bought me this puppy and what the puppy did to me first: www.manyvids.com/Video/1888673/daddy-got-me-a-puppy/

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