Ondrea Lee - Daddy's Submissive Whore


Ondrea Lee - Daddy's Submissive Whore
Your my Daddy and you walk in on me about to smoke a cigarette, I get nervous and tell you I wasn't going to really smoke it, so now I'm lying to you too! I need discipline and to be kept in line. You strip off my shirt and have me undress in front of you, I'm covering my little parts at first with my hand, I'm nervous. You stuff your cock in my mouth and I try to talk to you but good girls don't talk with their mouth full. I apologize and I submit myself to you Daddy, I call you Daddy a lot and I am willing to please you Daddy but the sex act is sorta not wanted 100 percent on my end But I am doing it to please you and it does start to feel good, I think I am warming up to it. I ask you to cum the entire time we have sex, I say "daddy please cum please". But I still take it like a good submissive daughter. I want to please you daddy. We do so many positions "will this make you cum daddy?" "Ohhhh Please Please Cum!" Begging you while your fucking me. When you finally cum you have a big load that you glaze all over my face real slow, I make sure to get it all over my slutty face and I play with the cum on my face, rubbing daddy's dick all over my glazed cum face while looking up at you Daddy for approval. (Breathing heavily in the audio time to time reflects why the price is lower than usual, thank you!)

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