Ondrea Lee - CFNM Rock Paper Scissors Korean Girl


Ondrea Lee - CFNM Rock Paper Scissors Korean Girl
We play rock paper scissors with some interesting stakes involved, loser has to take off an article of clothing but I start losing right away, I take off my shoes and other articles of clothing while still remaining clothed, You brag about how your winning and this upsets me so I up the stakes! I giggly and playfully tell you that loser has to masturbate, wow I'm on a winning streak, you start masturbating and taking off your clothes, It must be the good luck counting I'm doing in Korean when I play against you, I continue my winning streak and you end up naked and jerking off while I'm fully clothed, It doesn't turn me on but it does entertain me! I get out my phone so I can record you, and you actually cum, I can't believe it.

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