Ondrea Lee - BestFriend Sneakers ShoeJob


Ondrea Lee - BestFriend Sneakers ShoeJob
We are sitting in my room so bored, your my good friend I've known you for quite some time and we are just hanging out like we always do, I suggest various things we could do but I notice you keep staring at my sneakers, I call you out on it, "are you starring at my sneakers?" I tell you how I've always known you have a crush on me, and I giggle and suggest a game, I bet I can make you cum just using my sneakers and really fast too! I put some lube on your cock and while chewing my gum smacking it around I give you a sneaker job, my face looks like I am not interested at all, I just try to hurry and make you cum, I smack my gum and roll my eyes and hold my hand by my mouth doing the blow job sign to you, poking my tongue against my cheek and moving my hand back and forth, I talk dirty to you to get you to cum faster, I am not wearing any panties, you notice this when I turn around and give you a sneaker job while turned around, you can see my ass and glimpses of my pussy through my sneakers being in the way. I spread my legs real fast and close them and begin more sneaker job on you and this time talking even dirtier to you, you then explode all over my sneakers cumming directly on them on some on my thighs. I win! (15% store quaratine city lockdown sale and buy 2 get 1 free! Also find the first five min of this on Ondrealee.manyvids.com/crush join my crush for just $5 a month! Over 200 videos)

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