Ondrea Lee - Backstage Intruder Cum explosion


Ondrea Lee - Backstage Intruder Cum explosion
I am a wrestler and I'm backstage taking a break when I see you in my room, your not supposed to be here?! I yell at you to leave but you persist and tell me you have something big to offer me and I assume its money, I get happy and tell you that you can stay just for a bit and I do a strip dance for you, I strip completely naked. I crawl to you and suck your cock (dildo) and fuck you, I give you a countdown and beg and talk about your cum throughout the video, I emphasis on your cum and how big the load will be and how bad I want it, I keep talking about your cum the entire time while im sucking and fucking you and wow you explode so much cum on me, I am shocked by how much cum, I beg for it again and you give me more and turns out my big reward was the huge cum shot you gave me, I give such a sloppy blow job I am covered in spit and cum on my entire body.

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