Ondrea Lee - Asian Giant SPH Futa Fuck


Ondrea Lee - Asian Giant SPH Futa Fuck
This is a custom video with no names, You look so cute at first, so small, im kind to you at first, your height makes me giggle, I am wearing tight yoga pants with a bulging cock, you notice it and ask about it. I tell you "never mind that" and ask you to pull down your pants, "please show me your cock, your so cute" but your cock is so small and I am not pleased with it and talk about how small it is, you can sense I am not as happy anymore, my demeanor changes, I cannot believe its so small, I ask you to try anal on me, maybe that would work? You try to fuck my ass but I ask you "is it in yet?" and make lots of displeasing faces, and then you cum to fast, you just cum right away. Now I am angry and I show you what a big dick is supposed to look like, I make fun of your height, calling you various small names and take out my cock and stroke it, talking about how big my dick is and how I'm going to fuck you, you try to run away from me. Your not going anywhere! I catch you and wrestle you to the ground and stroke my big cock right on top of you, spitting on my cock and sliding it in and cumming all over you, when I am done I ask you to make me a sandwich but then eat you all covered in cum instead, gulp down the hatch, i say "that is way better than a sandwich"

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