LoneStarAngel - Ripped Yoga Pants


LoneStarAngel - Ripped Yoga Pants
This is a video that I know most of you, if not all, have fantasized about at least once. After watching the “yoga pants lady” at the grocery store, you want nothing more than to rip her pants and bend her over, right where she stands. You know she has no panties on underneath and the feel of the material stretching over her pussy must have her wet enough for you to slide in without much effort. Sit back and stroke your dick, as you watch me rip and tear at this pair of yoga pants, exposing my swollen lips and taking a dildo that should be your cock instead. I am so turned on that I squirt all over the floor and cannot stop fucking myself with thoughts of you; I want you to explode, making a huge mess as I finish with you

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