LoneStarAngel - Office Fantasy


LoneStarAngel - Office Fantasy
I’ve been flirting with a coworker for months now, and he has not picked up on my hints to come home with me for a good, hard fuck. Today, I am so horny that I’ve been dripping cream, and to say that I have been aching for his dick, would be an understatement. Fuck. Sometimes I think that you guys need to be smacked in the head. This video is hot and intense. I masturbate most days, as soon as I get home because flirting has me all worked up and in need of an orgasmic cum. I don’t want to play alone, though, so grab your dick and let’s enjoy each other, even if only by virtual fantasies. We’ve all had that work crush, so you know the pent up frustration I am feeling in this video. Please, cum with me and maybe we can fuck tomorrow. *wink*

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