LoneStarAngel - JOI Countdown to a Messy Finish


LoneStarAngel - JOI Countdown to a Messy Finish
I have had such great response and reviews on all of the JOI (jerk-off-instructions) that I have been doing and it is easily one of my most requested when asked about new content. As always, I want you to follow my instructions, taking your time and following through with how I tell you to stroke your dick. Do not get ahead of yourself; this is not a quickie. I want you to take your time, pet your cock, grip it, stroke it, and pace yourself to the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember that. I give you several countdowns, with different instructions each time. Do not cum until I give you permission. Those that wait until the end will be satisfied knowing they followed my very specific JOI. You have made me happy. Thank you.

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