LoneStarAngel - HUGE Dick TIGHT Pussy


LoneStarAngel - HUGE Dick TIGHT Pussy
I Try Hard to Work Your Huge Dick Inside Me! 1080p FUll HD Video! After getting you hard in my previous video “A Footjob and a Tease”, my pussy was aching for you. I imagined you climbing on top, kissing all the way up my body and to my soft lips as you slowly give me your big cock. I am tight, so you have to be gentle even though I’m turned on and wet. As you push in, with no luck, you continue to kiss and explore me, taking your time. I can feel the wetness within starting to drip and I can finally take you, but just your thick head.. You slowly grind into me, kissing me the entire time. The passion between us is intense and I can feel you throbbing and wanting to give me more, but you are so big I can only take the tip. You feed off of my moans but still listen to my words as I tell you to be easy, because it hurts, but I don’t want you to stop; it feels too good. Then I imagine you exploding inside of me, with just the tip between my pussy lips and the explosion is a mess of cum all over me and in my bush

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