LoneStarAngel - Eating Sperm


LoneStarAngel - Eating Sperm
POV: Blowjob and eating sperm. I had originally planned to give you a long strip tease, but let’s be real, when there is a cock in front of me, I don’t have it in me to prolong the titillation. I did slip out of the dress quick, but then I managed to tease him for a bit, by rubbing my bare ass against him, and talk him through what I was going to do. When I pulled his cock out, he was already thick, hard and precum was glistening the tip. I licked it, tasted him and took all of him in my mouth. He is thick, so I have to slowly suck him, but then I can take his dick all the way until it tickles my throat, making me cough while he is in my mouth. I talk to you throughout, and in the end, I lie on the bench and beg for you to cum. This is a messy, messy blowjob, with silky precum oozing out all over my tongue and chin, and then with his massive amounts of sperm. I run my fingers through his cum on my stomach and boobs, and drip it into my mouth, swallowing a messy load, as I play with it for you. You will even see me almost gag because I dripped cum and it fell straight down my tongue, hitting my throat… I love sucking dick and I certainly enjoy swallowing. Maybe you could be next. *wink*

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