LoneStarAngel - A Good Stuffing


LoneStarAngel - A Good Stuffing
I went to breakfast and the service staff hit on me, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had that happen. By the time I returned home I was horny, worked up and ready to make a video for you. The panties that I wore were a satin pair that someone ordered while I was running a special, and I mailed his package as soon as I was finished with this video. I enjoy panty stuffing because I can feel the material rubbing against the inside wall of my pussy, and it is a great sensation, especially when I’m sensitive and turned on. I stuffed most of them inside my wet pussy, finger fucking myself as I did, rubbing the satin material along my swollen lips. I lie on my back while stuffing half of the pair, but then bend over to continue… I am so tight, and stuffing a fullback pair of panties made for a good stuffing. I cannot quite get them in completely, and you can see my pussy pulsating as I massage my clit, rubbing the silky satin against my lips. You’ve a close up view of me tugging them out of me, and you can clearly see how wet the panties were that I mailed to him.

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