LoneStarAngel - A Friend's Hotel Room


LoneStarAngel - A Friend's Hotel Room
I filmed this video a couple of years ago when I was single, and totally forgot about it until I was looking for something on my hard drive. I had a friend that was in town for business and we had plans to go out but he was called back into work for an emergency, leaving me to my own vices and his hotel key. As he kissed me goodbye, handing me his key, he asked me to behave and reminded me that he frequents this hotel often, and to please be quiet. Which, well, gave me good reason to do a video and to test my abilities to be low-key while having orgasms on his bed. I could clearly hear people all around me, so I am sure they could hear my finger pounding orgasms. He was not too pleased when I shared the video with him, but it gave him a massive hard on, which led to what I was hoping it would. Incredible sex.

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