Josie Cairaway - It Would Be More Fun If I Went With Him


Josie Cairaway - It Would Be More Fun If I Went With Him
I know it’s our wedding anniversary and that you had a romantic weekend planned for us. The thing is my boyfriend wants to go on this trip with me. I know you’ve had this planned for months and you were really excited to go. I was excited to go with you too but when he saw that you got us reservations at such an amazing, romantic, tropical paradise, he thought I would have a lot more fun with him than you. After he and I discussed it for a while, I realized he was right. I could go with you and I’m sure I’d have a nice time. Or, I could go with him and have one of the most amazing weeks of my life. It gets me so wet just thinking of all the mind-blowing sex he and I are going to have in the amazing room you booked for us. He also pointed out if he goes, instead of you, that we would be more likely to get a girl to come back to our room for a fun threeway. You know I haven’t had a three-way with a girl since college and I’ve been aching to do it again. I’m sorry, but we both know that, while I love you, there are not a lot of girls who want to have sex with you. Even if they did, they would end up being just as underwhelmed as me by your sexual “prowess,” and it would just ruin the whole thing for me. He, on the other hand, would look so hot fucking some sexy little thing with his big dick. My panties get soaked thinking about her cumming all over his nine-inch cock while she licks my pussy. Oh, you looked so sad. Well, don’t be too down. While you’re not going to paradise with me, even though you paid for it, I do have a surprise that will make you very happy. When I get back I’m going to give you a blow job and have sex with you. What? No, I’m not blowing you or having sex with you before I go. If I did that you would just pout and whine for the next week until I left. No, it will be so much more special if we wait until I return. I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you out of your tiny chastity cage and let you rub your tiny little dick for me right now. Would you like to rub your tiny dick while I tell you all about the amazing things I’m going to be doing with my boyfriend while on the vacation you paid for? Yeah, I knew you would. Here’s your chastity key, take the little guy out of his cage. Now, stroke your tiny member until I give you a cum countdown, then you can help me pick out some sexy outfits to wear while I’m on vacation.

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