Josie Cairaway - Goddess Tease & Denial While Reading


Josie Cairaway - Goddess Tease & Denial While Reading
I love to read. One of my favorite books that I like to pull out, from time to time, is a book filled with artwork and poetry. I also love playing with my slave’s cock while I read. I don’t acknowledge him as a person at all. He’s just a slave who happens to have a dick I like to play with while I look at art and read poetry. I suck him, stroke him and play with his balls, in any way I want while I enjoy my book. When I’m done enjoying my book I like to suck and stroke him fast and hard. I love the feel of his balls tightening up as he thinks he’s going to shoot his load down my throat. He’s not though. Instead, I will dismiss him from my presence right as he’s about to cum so he can spend the rest of his evening with blue balls. Having been completely ignored, except for using his cock for my amusement, he can spend the rest of the night with aching testicles contemplating how lucky he is that his Goddess chooses to use his cock for her amusement. This further deepens his understanding that he is nothing more than a toy for his Goddess’s pleasure.

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