Josie Cairaway - Cuckold Foot JOI


Josie Cairaway - Cuckold Foot JOI
Hey cucky, I’ve got some bad news for you. My boyfriend, you know the real man who fucks me, says that my pussy is his now, and that you don’t get to touch her anymore. Yeah, that means that you can’t even lick her and taste her perfection every again. You should be grateful I’m such a good Mistress because I talked him into letting you worship one part of my body. My small, petite, perfect feet. So, let's start getting you used to your new sex life. Take your puny little dick out its cage and get to licking my feet. That’s right cucky. Lick them all over while I tell you exactly how to stroke your pathetic member. Lick my perfect and pull on your useless dick until I give you a cum countdown and then make you lick all of your worthless cum up.

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