Josie Cairaway - Blowing My Husbands Best Friend


Josie Cairaway - Blowing My Husbands Best Friend
Oh, you’re still here. I thought everybody had left already. I was just coming out to lock up because my hubby couldn’t stay awake anymore. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be married to someone who can’t keep up with me sexually. I wanted to blow him tonight but he’s just too tired. How could you be too tired to lay there and get a blow job? I’ve heard you don’t have that problem though. I’ve heard all about your sex life and all the girls you fuck. I’ve also heard that you have a big dick. Let me see it. Yes, I’m serious. I know my husband’s your best friend but you and I both know that you want to show me that dick. So show me. That’s very nice. It’s already bigger than my husband’s and you’re not even all the way hard yet. Shh, stay quiet while I suck your cock. I want to fuck this cock but I know I would moan to loud and wake him up. God, your big cock feels so good in my mouth. I’ve never cheated on him before, but if I had known that my husband’s best friend’s cock was this thick, I would have started blowing you a long time ago. Now sit back and let me suck your cock until you cum and I get to experience just how tasty it is.

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