Ginary - Sexy PartyGirls Bound By Masked Intruder


Ginary - Sexy PartyGirls Bound By Masked Intruder
Sexy ladies, Stefania Mafra and Lady Velvet, walk in the party a little early, and they are confused when they don’t see anyone in the house. The ladies think they may have the wrong house, but Velvet really needs to use the bathroom, so Stefania sits on the couch and waits as Velvet goes to the bathroom. As Velvet comes out of the bathroom, she’s ambushed by a masked intruder (Star Morning), who ties her up and gags her on the bed. Stefania gets worried and goes to check on Velvet, finding her all tied up. As Stefania goes to free her friend - she gets attacked from behind and is also bound and gagged. After the masked intruder has both of the beautiful ladies all tied up, they go to fetch the rest of the party to have fun with the bound girls! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Star, Stefania, or Velvet? Email us today.)

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bondage rope bondage gagging struggling damsel in distress