Ginary - Sadie & Slyyy - Sexy Lesbian Swimming


Ginary - Sadie & Slyyy - Sexy Lesbian Swimming
Sadie Holmes and Slyyy strut out by the pool in their sexy outfits and heels. Sadie suggests they get their hair nice and wet, and they sit by the pool and pour water all over each others long brunette hair. Sadie and Slyyy lean over and dip their hair in the pool, letting the water fall off as their feet dangle in the air. The ladies take off their heels and decide to go for a dip in the pool. Sadie and Slyyy dip their hair and let it fall on their face. Sadie goes under the water and plays with Slyyy's pussy, rubbing and licking it in the pool. Slyyy goes under next and rubs Sadie's pussy while sucking her strap on. The ladies 69 in the pool, then fuck each other with their strap-ons under the water. Sadie and Slyyy make each other cum, then hold their breath under the water with their asses in the air. They 69 each other again and keep making each other cum over and over in the pool! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sadie or Slyyy? Email us today.)

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