Ginary - Nikki - VooDoo Breast Inflation Curse


Ginary - Nikki - VooDoo Breast Inflation Curse
Your sexy girlfriend, Nikki Brooks, confronts you for napping with her best friend, and yells at you for taking advantage of her. Nikki knows you only rested with her best friend because she has bigger boobs, and now Nikki wants to get her revenge. Nikki shows off a balloon, and talks about how big it gets, and admits she tucked a strand of her best friends hair in the balloon - which is actually a VooDoo balloon! Anytime Nikki blows on the balloon, her friend grows bigger and bigger too! Nikki laughs as she blows up the balloon so big that it pops! Nikki starts to grow, and gets confused, and you tell her that you knew about her plan all along, and reversed the spell. So now Nikki is the one who will grow! Nikki panics as she grows larger and larger, and begs for you to stop, but you just laugh as she grows bigger and bigger until she POPS! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki? Email us today.)

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