Ginary - Nikki Imposed FaceStuffing Interrogation


Ginary - Nikki Imposed FaceStuffing Interrogation
Nikki Brooks sits at the table, eating her delicious meal and speaks in a thick Russian accent about how tasty her meal is. Nathalia brings out another plate, and Nikki tells her she can’t eat anymore. Nathalia tells Nikki this isn’t a restaurant, and Nikki has no choice. Nathalia handcuffs Nikki behind her back, and feeds her the burrito as she interrogates her. Nathalia keeps feeding Nikki, plate after plate of food, making Nikki talk as she feeds her more and more, making her stomach swell. Nathalia takes a funnel and pours liquid down Nikki’s throat, making her swell up even more!(*Custom Clip* Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nathalia or Nikki? Email us today.)

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feeder/feedee food facestuffing / overeating interrogation feeding