Ginary - Nathalia Duct Tape Bound By Nikki Brooks


Ginary - Nathalia Duct Tape Bound By Nikki Brooks
Nathalia sits on the couch as Nikki Brooks knocks franticly on the door, and Nathalia asks what she’s doing there. Nikki confronts Nathalia about fucking her boyfriend, and grabs her from behind, binding her arms with tape. Nikki tells Nathalia fucking people’s boyfriends is how people disappear, and she continues to bind Nathalia’s arms as she begs for her to stop. Nikki takes the duct tape and tapes Nathalia arms and legs, and tapes her mouth shut. After Nikki gets her all tied up and bound, she calls her friends to come pick Nathalia up and have their way with her, taking Nathalia out of the picture forever! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nathalia or Nikki? Email us today.)

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