Ginary - Morgana & Vika Underwater Breath Holding


Ginary - Morgana & Vika Underwater Breath Holding
Sorceress Morgana and Vika are hanging out in the pool, and Vika suggests they play a little game to see who can hold their breath the longest. Morgana goes first, holding her breath under the water for a whole 46 seconds! Vika goes next, and holds her breath for a whole minute. Morgana goes again, and this time Vika starts to rub all over her body under the water. Morgana and Vika go back and forth, holding their breath under the water as they rub each other and strip. The ladies hold their breath one at a time and strip until they are completely naked. Then Morgana and Vika start to kiss and rub each others pussy under the water! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Morgana or Vika? Email us today.)

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