Ginary - Mom & Daughter Vacuum Orgasms


Ginary - Mom & Daughter Vacuum Orgasms
Jaden Starr sits on the couch scrolling through her phone, as her Step-Mom Nikki Brooks walks in, and asks what she’s doing. Nikki scolds Jaden for scrolling through her phone when the house is dirty. She tells Jaden to clean while she’s gone, and vacuum the room. Jaden reluctantly agrees, and goes into the bedroom to vacuum. Jaden starts the vac, and is shocked by how powerful it is! It gets caught on her shirt, and unbuttons Jaden’s shirt! She gets turned on, and decides to see what else the vacuum can do - and uses it on her tits and pussy. Her Step-Mom Nikki walks in, and catches her, and is disgusted. Nikki tells Jaden she is going to take control of her and her actions - including her orgasms! When Jaden gets close to orgasm with the vacuum, Nikki turns it off to edge her. After Jaden cums, Nikki decides to enjoy herself as Jaden has to sit and watch, and makes herself cum with the vacuum in from of Jaden to embarrass her.  (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Jaden or Nikki? Email us today.)

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