Ginary - Kendra Bound Foot Sniff By Nikki


Ginary - Kendra Bound Foot Sniff By Nikki
Nikki Brooks relaxes on the couch when Kendra Allure comes in after her run, tired from the heat. Nikki offers to take off Kendra's shoes for her, but Kendra insists she doesn't like people touching her feet, and that they probably stink. Nikki really wants Kendra's feet, so she takes a rag and knocks her out, tying her up before she wakes up. Nikki has Kendra all tied up on the couch and takes off her shoes, and starts to sniff and worship her feet. She rips Kendra's socks and nibbles on her bare soles as Kendra squirms in the background. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Kendra or Nikki? Email us today.)

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