Ginary - Katy & Morgana Nude Casino Workers Fight


Ginary - Katy & Morgana Nude Casino Workers Fight
Sexy casino workers Katy Faery and Sorceress Morgana walk to the table to collect their tip, and argue and fight on the way to the table about who earned the tip. The ladies start to strip as they argue, with both of them claiming the tips belong to them. Katy and Morgana strip naked, and decide to sit and play for the tips. They sit and deal out the cards, and play cards for the tips, and Katy slowly tries to steal the tips. Morgana catches her and grabs her hand, and they start to argue. Katy flips the table over, and looks around to make sure security didn’t notice. The ladies start to catfight, slapping each other and throwing each other around. Katy and Morgana circle one another, talking smack as they wrestle and fight for the tips. Katy and Morgana fight until they punch each other in the stomachs - knocking the other out on the ground! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Katy or Morgana? Email us today.)

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