Ginary - Katy Faery - Sexy Solo Hair Washing Fun


Ginary - Katy Faery - Sexy Solo Hair Washing Fun
Katy Faery sits on the edge of the tub, combing her long wavy brunette hair with a wooden comb as she gets ready for her relaxing bath. Katy slowly dips her head into the water, getting it a little wet - and combs it with the brush. She climbs into the warm tub and dips her head again, getting it all wet in the tub. She lets the water drip off the end of her strands, then grabs the shampoo and lathers up her silky smooth long hair with the soap. She pours water from a cup on her head, and massages the suds into her scalp. Katy stands and lets the suds drip down her sexy ass and back, her long brown hair falling all the way down to her ass as she works the shampoo in and out of her lovely long hair. The suds run down her ass crack and pussy, soaking her with the soap. She lays back and rubs her pussy as she uses her other hand to rub her sexy long hair with shampoo. Katy shampoos her hair over and over, standing and letting the suds run down her sexy body. She even pulls her hair over her ass to her pussy it's so long! Katy scrubs her hair and touches herself until she makes herself cum - getting fully relaxed in her bath! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Katy? Email us today.)

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