Ginary - Katy Faery & Ginary - Diaper Fetish Fun


Ginary - Katy Faery & Ginary - Diaper Fetish Fun
Petite Princess Katy Faery walks into the living room and sees it’s trashed. She’s fed up with living this way, and is tired that she always cleans while Ginary does nothing and trashes the house. Ginary comes in after work, and Katy tells Ginary she thinks they should talk. Katy tells Ginary she wants HER to take care of everything, including Katy. Ginary is confused, but Katy tells her she has a diaper on and she’s going to have to change it because she just peed in it! Ginary is grossed out and refuses, but Katy tells her she can walk out of the door if she doesn’t like it. Ginary gives in and changes Katy’s diaper, then feeds her from a bottle.. Later on, Ginary is cleaning and Katy runs in with a diaper on and tells Ginary she’s hungry again. Katy asks to be nursed, and Ginary nurses Katy right on the couch. Katy stands up and squats, dropping a deuce as Ginary watches helpless and grossed out. Ginary changes Katy again, then carries her like a little babe to the bedroom for a nap. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary or Katy? Email us today.)

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