Ginary - Jessica & Katy Foot Domme Shrunk Slave


Ginary - Jessica & Katy Foot Domme Shrunk Slave
Katy Faery and Jessica Marie walk in the bedroom, and Katy tells Jessica she has a surprise for her - showing off the little man she has trapped in the cage. Jessica gets excited as Katy pulls him out of the cage, and talks about how he's going to make the perfect foot bitch. They lay him down and rub their feet all over him, and make him worship their feet. Katy and Jessica make the shrunken men worship their feet, and the ladies lick their own toes and each others as he worships and rubs their soles. Katy and Jessica suck his head like a tiny cock, and trap him in-between their toes. After they have had their fun, Katy and Jessica put him back in his cage for more fun later! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Jessica or Katy? Email us today.)

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foot domination giantess teens (18+) shrinking fetish foot slave training