Ginary - Ama Rio Foot Tickled By Katy Faery


Ginary - Ama Rio Foot Tickled By Katy Faery
Katy Faery is ready for revenge as she has Ama Rio all tied up and her feet in pantyhose and in stocks, and asks Ama what size feet she has - and Ama tells her she has a size 9 foot. Katy tickles Ama's feet slowly, rubbing her nails all over the bottoms of Ama's soles. Katy grabs for various tickle tools, and tickles Ama's soles as she squirms on the table. Katy takes different feathers and tickles Ama in between her toes. She takes a claw next, and tickles Ama's heels as she screams! Katy rips off Ama's stockings, then pulls out some string to tie back Ama's toes so she can tickle her even more! Katy takes even more tickle toys, and mercilessly tickles Ama as she squirms and begs for Katy to stop. Katy tickles Ama until she's had her fill and Ama is exhausted! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ama or Katy? Email us today.)

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