EroticaBabes - Lucia Love pumped Lucia


EroticaBabes - Lucia Love pumped Lucia
Lucia Love is trying out our range of vacuum pumps. Pussy, boob and even penis pumps! She is nude on the bed and she starts off with the pussy pumps. These pumps are tricky to get in the right place to form a tight seal around the body. Without the seal they don't work! The first one does not sit properly and is discarded in favour of a second one. This one also does not fit. So she picks up the penis pump which will fit. This also has a better pumping mechanism which is stronger than the others. She pushes it onto her pussy and even that does not appear to work. In desperation she puts it on her tit and pumps up her boob. This works. She pumps up and creates a vacuum and you can see her tit being pulled into the tube. Finally, some suction! We have two cameras for this scene and show you close and up medium wide shots of Lucia. We swap between the two views throughout the video. After a bit of boob pumping, Lucia tries another penis pump, this time it is a smaller diameter one that just fits nicely around her nipple. She is laying on her back and pumps up the device and pulls on her big natural tits. She then moves back to her pussy, she wants the pump on her pussy. Thankfully for her, and us, the small diameter pump works great. She pumps up her fat lips until the device falls off with a satisfying vacuum noise. Not deterred she has another go. Pump, pump, pump with the hand pump to create that vacuum on her pussy. You get a great clear view of the pump pulling in her pussy lips once she has managed to get in a position for a good airtight seal. You will love to see those pussy lips bulging as the vacuum takes hold and pulls her lips into the tube. Her patience pays off. We get in real close and fill the screen with the tube and her pussy lips. She has a number of goes pumping up her lips and releasing the pressure. It's a shame you can't suck and play with her lips whilst they are in the vacuum pump, they look so adorable and sexy. She keeps going on her lips, pumping and releasing, playing, teasing us as she does. The camera angles are good and you get in nice and close. She then picks up a pair of nipple pumps that looks like something from a dairy farm. She puts both tubes on her tits as we pump up the tits with the hand pump off camera. She plays and jiggles her tits with the tubes on and then releases them. They get pumped up again and you get to see her nipples being pulled into the tubes. Close up and wide views give you a great view of her tits. She jiggles and shakes her tits and lets them hang down like a cow in a milking parlour. Her nipples look so suck able whilst they are in the vacuum tubes. The process is repeated many times, with her nipples pulled into the vacuum tubes. She has super sensitive nipples by the end.

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