EroticaBabes - Jaye Rose pearls


EroticaBabes - Jaye Rose pearls
We join Jaye Rose on a bed. She has a mirror on the bed, a string of pearls and is wearing a matching red bra and panties with ref heels. She poses and teases for the first part of the video. Wrapping the pearls around her body and playing with them in her mouth. She starts to undress at 1:56 and poses against the mirror. You get two viewpoints in places, the reflection and Jaye at the same time. There are two camera angles used in this scene, a close up and medium wide shot and we swap between the two viewpoint throughout the scene. By 03:19 Jaye has removed her knickers and is posing around on the mirror. Showing you her boobs, her ass and teasing with the pearls. There's not much in the way of noise on the clip, just the noise of the pearls as they move about over Jaye's body and her little moans and groans. She plays with the pearls around her boobs and straddles the mirror. Pulling her pussy lips apart and giving us a great view of her pussy. We move in closer as she pushes and moves the pearls around her pussy. Pulling the string of pearls across her lips as she spreads them. Then she drops the pearls into her mouth and there's some close-ups of her tonging them before we swap back to close-ups of her pulling the pearls across her pussy lips. Jaye then gets on all fours and we have some slow motion sequences of her bouncing and twerking her ass with the pearls resting on her butt. She turns around to face the camera and gets low over the mirror. She licks the mirror as we get in close. Rubbing her boobs and pressing and squashing them on the glass. We are in low and close and get a good viewpoint with the occasional swap out to a wide angle for a short time. We then leave Jaye to play as the camera moves away

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ass shaking big ass big boobs boob bouncing slow motion