EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou metal cuffs struggle


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou metal cuffs struggle
Gemma Lou is topless in bed wearing metal restraints. She has a pair of leg spreaderbars and a pair or wrist cuffs. The design is polished chrome with an allen key lock which gives a clean look to the bands that go around the wrists and ankles. Gemma is on the bed and from the start is trying to get out of the restraints. Being made from metal there is very little chance of that happening, however it does not stop Gemma from trying and struggling to get away. She moves about quite a bit during the scene swapping from on her back to her side and on her front. This was filmed with two HD cameras and separate audio. We swap between the two viewpoints throughout the scene. Some of the struggling sequences are repeated immediately afterwards in slow motion allowing you to see Gemma's wonderful boobs bounce, jiggle and flop about as she moves. Of the joy, if you are an admirer of Gemma's gorgeous tits then this is another scene for your viewing pleasure.

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