EroticaBabes - Denise Davies bounce


EroticaBabes - Denise Davies bounce
We asked Denise Davies to have a bounce on our mini trampoline. She was so impressed with it she purchased one herself for keeping fit. In this scene Denise starts off bouncing with a baggy top on and no bra. We filmed the scene with 2 cameras both HD 1080p models at 50 frames per second. Denise bounces about and we focus on her huge boobs as well as the rest of her too. She faces the front entirely for the whole scene, although the camera angle picks up some 3/4 profile footage. Denise at around 3 minutes in lifts up her top to reveal her massive boobs. She then spends time bouncing her tits and we get to hear skin on skin as she lets them slap again her chest as she bounces. It's not vigorous bouncing, but there's a lot of weight and therefore momentum in those boobs! There is just under 7 minutes of normal speed, the rest of the video is Denise in slow motion at half speed. You really get to see her tits jiggle, bounce, sway and wobble as she bounces up and down on the trampoline. Oh the joy.

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