EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant yoga stretches


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant yoga stretches
Danielle's midwife told her she needed to do some yoga, so she ordered a yoga mat and a stretchy piece of rubber material to do yoga stretches with. So she admits she wasn't really listening. But she wants to try them out and make sure she stays toned and fit. We follow Danielle as she moves through a range of poses. First standing one working on her arms above her head and down by her sides. We have 2 cameras on this scene, a close up and a medium wide shot. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the length of the video. The lighting really accentuates Danielle's pregnant body. At 8 month pregnant she is in her prime, swollen boobs and nipples and a massive belly. She looks hot, sexy and fit whilst doing these poses. Danielle then gets on the floor at 04:40 to start some floor and leg exercises. We see her work on the her legs, each in turn. She's on all fours and pushes back with her leg whilst the rubber band is around the underside of her foot. Makes sense when you see the video! Seated she does similar poses, wrapping the band around her foot and leaning back into the resistance from the band. She repeats this with each leg. Danielle then lays on her back and does some exercises with her legs up in the air. Pushing against the rubber tension of the band. We have a camera angle that looks from the side and another that gives you a view from over the top of her. Her shape is astounding, pregnancy certainly makes her look even more sexy than she normally is, not sure how that is at all possible. Danielle rolls onto her side and does some more exercises, then rolls over onto the other side to repeat the exercise on the other leg. Then it's back on all fours, with her ass in the air as she does some arm exercises. Finally, seated and facing the camera she says that she can tell the midwife that she's done a good job

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