EroticaBabes - Charley Green braces and bowler hat


EroticaBabes - Charley Green braces and bowler hat
In this scene Charley is wearing just a tight fitted skirt, she is topless and barefooted. We get her straight on the treadmill and focus on her tits! The treadmill is always popular we get many many requests to feature it more often. We love to film girls using it too, it's a great way to see boobs, bums etc wobble, jiggle bounce and jump about. Almost all of this video is shot from down below looking upwards at Charley's massive boobs. They hang down and bounce and slap about as she walks on the treadmill. There are a few cutaways where we get in low and close to her bare feet as she paces along on the treadmill. So you get a mix of tits and feet, there's more tits than feet though. It's mesmerising to see those massive juggs bounce, wobble, slap and thump together as she moves. It's like you are laying on the treadmill looking up as she exercises with her tits almost in your face! We've also slowed the action down in quite a few places at 50% and 25% speed with no loss of quality. This scene was shot on our new Sony A7 MkIII at 100 frames per second (normal video is 24 for PAL format) this means we can slow it down by as much as 4 times as slow without losing any quality because of the high frame rate we recorded it at. Anyway... Charley's tits look awesome at normal speed and even better in slow motion is all you really need to take away from this! Her massive nipples dangle enticingly towards the camera and her big juggs have some weight and momentum to them. Even Charley was surprised how big her tits looked when we reviewed the footage after we shot it. Now you get to see it! Marvellous, enjoy your hot streams! Video is in HD 1080p.

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